General Language

Anthony 'A-Log' Logatto was an online personality who devoted gross amounts of time to mocking Christian Weston Chandler, despite not being much better than Chris himself. A-Logging is generally taking things too seriously or getting angry at a lolcow.
To powerlevel is to reveal information about yourself that is better off being private. Powerleveling is not any personal stories, just embarrassing 'TMI'.
Gay Ops
A term used by people involved in Internet Drama to describe secret, coordinated efforts conducted with intent to harm. Think Whisper Campaigns, but autistic.


Eichenwald Defense
Named after Kurt Eichenwald, the Eichenwald Defense is claiming you accessed child pornography as a part of investigative journalism.
Nyberg Defense
Named after Sarah 'Nicholas' Nyberg, the Nyberg Defense is claiming you accessed child pornography to be edgy.