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The end of EvaXephon?

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Aug 7, 2017

Let's find out!

Alexander Stuart Mahan is the perfect example of why lolcows and mainstream success are like water and oil. Several times throughout his life stars aligned perfectly to let him make a name for himself, but every time he pissed it all away due to his arrogance, thin skin and lack of judgement. Furthermore, just like Chris, Alex wasn't able to truly grow up, learn from his mistakes and start taking responsibility for his actions. This is why even in his posts from over a decade ago you can easily recognize the same Alex Mahan who is known as disaster developer today. Years went by and the only thing he achieved is that he looks twice as old than he should.

Even though he is known today as YandereDev, most of Alex's online footprint was left under the aliases EvaXephon, XephonEva and NeonEvaXephon. All three are combinations of two anime titles - "Evangelion" and "RahXephon". As early as in 2004 Alex became obsessed with the idea, that the latter is a carbon copy of the former and made it his mission to tell the world about this injustice. He went so far with this idea, that in 2006 he made an entire gallery with whooping 400 images, where he nitpicked every little thing to prove his point. Over the years he tried to shill this shit on multiple websites - from and to a webcomic forum and of course 4chan's /a/, but always with the hilarious results.
Alex shits a in 2007.jpg
Even after taking a new alias and claiming that "this was old me" for a hundred times, he didn't let go of this autism.

The essence of Alex's early internet history was encapsulated by Gaia Forums, where he made the same fucking threads for literal years, two of the most notorious of which were this one.

And this one.

Keep in mind, it wasn't some rare occasion - he was posting pictures and even videos with of his meerkat face many times, despite people telling him to stop.

To preface your question - no, it is unknown if Alex is on the spectrum, but his inability to get social cues can be blamed on the fact, that he was homeschooled since the age of 12. He described it as "I do all of my schoolwork at home, and once a week I turn the work in to a teacher at my program's local building" and according to him he spent most of the time playing games and watching anime with next to no human contact.
He himself admitted that it warped his worldview and gave him severe social anxiety, especially around women, however, instead of trying to overcome these issues, he basically turned them into his face, that only mother could love.

Aside from posting media, he constantly cried that he can't get a girlfriend, to the point of calling himself an incel at one point. It went so far, that he was caught creeping on underage girl, when he himself was almost 20.


He wasn't limited to Gaia though and in 2006 became infamous on the fanforum of the webcomic Loserz, where he tried to convince people that sluts are terrible, at some point stating that "there is no conventional method to get rid of sluts" and then several times denounced comic for suspecting some of the characters being sluts. He then claimed, that without mean people our world would be better and that school shootings are fine as long as mean people are killed. He also described his dream girl as "youthful, babyish, feminine, innocent, naïve, childlike, pure, uncomplicated, unsophisticated, trusting, charming, polite, pleasant, sweet, lovable, cute, cypheric, malleable", basically, submissive, infantile and absolutely dependent on him. In the end he got trolled to hell and left after a big meltdown.

Which wasn't anything new, since on another forum he didn't hide that he "digs submissive girls, who can't say "no" since he would be able to "do anything to them" and that if he had a girl robot, he would make her his sex slave, not try to teach her about love.

This idea was perfectly reflected in his fanfiction with such titles as 'I am your slave" or "Life of a sex slave".

In early 2009 the 4chan streaming craze begun and Alex, who was shitting /a/ for years before that, decided to ruin this for everyone as well. Witnesses of those events claim that Alex was better in regards of the quality and he probably could make a name for himself, if he wasn't absolutely terrible in every other aspect.

Firstly, he was literally spamming /v/ with links to his streaming channel and was doing it even three years after the start.

Secondly, he was incredibly thin-skinned, which is reflected by the excuses from his website and this little piece of "fan" art, which is basically his stream rules.

Thirdly, he was very bad at playing games, constantly cried that girls don't love him and acted outright creepy. Sadly, almost no videos were saved from those days, but here is some little snip from around 2010 - 2011.

This one is from 2011-2012 and still can be found on one of Alex's channels.

As a result it took Alex just around 2 months to alienate most of his viewers and then burn what's left by having an online relationship with 14-y.o. girl named Sisefs and forcing her into sexually charged activities, when he himself was 20 at the time. All of this made his viewers leave to the website called Vidya Revolution.

In 2017 Sisefs finally spoke about what happened and at this point there is next to no doubt left about the legitimacy of her claims. I strongly recommend you to read it.

This wasn't the end though and Alex was able to build back some part of his audience by spamming links on /v/, but since he learned fuck all from the last time, he quickly caused another mass exodus a year later, this time to the place called Keefers Vidya and reportedly Alex tried to buy out the domain of his website to prevent this after begging his viewers to stay. When this didn't work, he melted the fuck down in the emails to some upset viewer.

After this there was nothing left for him other than sorrowly sucking dick in the corner, while getting laughable 5-10 viewers for the next 6 years or so. This also checks with other accounts from that period.

But Alex is a man of many talents, so during his second fallout with his audience in 2010 he joined now defunct website as a game journalist to report on "videogame babes in L.A.", where he wrote incredibly sleazy and thirsty articles about videogame characters and cosplayers.

Here are some quotes to show you his routine in a nutshell.

Nothing could make a man more happy than being surrounded by dozens of attractive teenage girls that all feel unconditional love for him.
And the best part about all of this? Jiggle physics are enabled - gamers are free to touch, fondle, and grope to their hearts' content, and watch the bouncing, jiggling, and swaying that ensues.
One of the worst embarrassments that a heterosexual male can experience is discovering that he is attracted to another man.
I would be happy to help a male character woo the girl of his dreams...
A game about underage girls completely devoid of clothing would be given the equivalent of an "Adults Only" rating and would never be allowed on store shelves, so D3 Publisher did the next best thing, and put its characters into the smallest possible outfits: micro-bikinis.
Other game developers look at a touchscreen interface and see the potential for molesting underage anime girls.

Unsurprisingly, Alex didn't have much success, so of course he was caught during the good old link spam on Reddit.

4chan's /v/ wasn't spared from this shit either.
All of the above worked out so well, that Alex got an article written about him called "Alex Mahan: A Study In Gamer Embarrassment." It's also funny how Alex defended GamerGate when he is basically Anita's idea of average gamer.

Also, in 2011 Alex had a rather unpleasant experience, when he tried to to find true and honest love on OKcupid, but got trolled to hell instead.

Alex's rise to lolcow gamedev began in 2010 when he started working as a paid intern at a studio called KungFu Factory, which never had any major success beyond being responsible for DSP's crippling gaming addiction. Even though he had an AA degree in 2D/3D animation, according to him, his work consisted of bug testing, fixing typos, etc. All 8 games listed in his LinkedIN are either mobile cashgrabs or some XBOX Live trash, none of which have a score above average. It's unknown if someone was supervising him, since during his time there his idea of coding looked like this:
I was literally writing the script for the game myself. It's a lot of "If, then" statements. "If health variable < 0, then character state = dead"

No wonder that after this his idea of object oriented programming was absolutely horrendous.

And before you say it, no, switch statement isn't going to change shit, since this approach is wrong in it's core. In 2013 for unknown reason Alex missed on the opportunity to be one of the few people who are able to scam Phil by leaving KFF and has been working on his own projects since.

Some time later Alex decides to try his luck with his first big project - a fighting game prototype. You can guess how much effort was put in there by looking at this.

However, Alex didn't want to just silently spill spaghetti, so he joined IRC chat of his idol - Mike Z, creator of the fighting game "Skullgirls", and kept bothering him for almost a month with this atrocity. Mike wasn't impressed and told Alex to work harder, since at this stage his code is making him unemployable, which resulted in Alex melting the fuck down and basically asking Mike to give him asspats:

Nov 20 04:47:47 <EvaXephon> Nope. Nothing has validity anymore. I started making a game *because* of Mike Z, and then he personally shat on it.
Nov 20 04:48:47 <EvaXephon> I think a normal person would be incredibly impressed by what I've done, but a hard-nosed programmer would scrutinize things that a layman wouldn't.
Nov 20 04:48:53 <wippler-wrokn> But you shouldn't ignore me if I tell you the engine will have problems in the future, because that's not SUBJECTIVE advice, it's objective.
Nov 20 04:44:34 <EvaXephon> D: Everyone hates my fighting game! It's the opposite of what I envisioned...
Nov 20 04:47:00 <EvaXephon> How is it not impressive that I single-handedly created a fighting game? I made a game with intros, idles, walks, runs, jumps, dashes, airdashes, specials, health meters, super meters, throws, airthrows, and I hand-animated every animation myself. Isn't that impressive? Isn't that respect-worthy/

You can read the full chat here, but keep in mind that even back then Mike Z warned Alex against using "if-else" spreadsheets instead of state machines, keeping all scripts in the giant Update() function and not checking your code for bugs, because this is exactly what he will do.

After this failure Alex decided to move to his other project, namely hack'n'slash rip-off of "No More Heroes" called "Lunar Scythe", starring somehow even more edgy version of BloodRayne on her mission to "clean the world from the sluts and jerks human filth". He begins by creating a thread on a forum dedicated for fans of Skullgirls of all places, where he pitches the idea and since no one bothers to give him any criticism, he decides to move to 4chan's /v/. Anons have no problem with badmouthing him and it quickly turns into his Gaia forums routine. He just kept creating the same thread over and over again, asking what's wrong with Luna's design/game/scythe as a weapon, posted new commissioned arts with Luna and after some advice covered with insults, just stated that he is not going to change anything. Every fucking time.

The fact that people quickly found out that it was the same EvaXephon, who kept spamming links to his streams and articles didn't help either and after more than a month of this back and forth, Alex jumps back to Skullheart forums to get his asspats, but this time gets the same treatment, albeit in a polite form. This discourages him enough to drop this idea for a time.

Alex doesn't give up though and ironically enough on April 1, 2014 creates a thread on /v/ about his new idea for a game.

He himself later admitted, he came up with that after seeing a model in Unity store, which adds extra level of irony. His behavior almost perfectly mirrors the one he showed in Lunar Scythe threads to the point of spamming threads daily, however, since this time he pandered not only to his sick fetishes, the things were going pretty smoothly. Nevermind the fact that they had no idea that it was the same EvaXephon, who they despised. Some anon even recommends him to inform people about his progress twice a month and he's been using this schedule to this day. His blog was created that way too.

Alex even had completely wrong recollection of his encounter with Mike Z, that looked like something straight from a bad anime.

Alex, however, has no fucking idea how to make games, so he literally asks other people what to do. He does everything to please /v/irgins at first, like refusing to accept donations or promising to put almost every retarded idea into his game. He wasn't limited to other people's fetishes though.

Alex then secretly sets up his Patreon page and slowly manipulates his board simps into letting him accept donations, while promising to release the game next year. However, this wasn't enough, so Alex goes back to shilling Lunar Scythe and again, people have no idea that they hate the guts of and suck dick of the same person, just in different threads. This, however, doesn't last for too long and in three months Alex gets found out.

Alex doesn't see it as a big trouble since he planned to reveal it anyway, but the atmosphere in his threads becomes way more hostile, so he prepares to run to 8chan instead. Sadly for Alex, that doesn't stop volunteer 3-D modeller from looking deeper into his EvaXephon routine, freaking the fuck out and leaving YS behind.

Alex realizes that his idea is getting some mainstream traction, so he slowly moves from just blogposts to making YouTube videos with a voiceover, so children who found out about YS from their favorite letsplayer could find him right there. And ironically this is where his attempts to win 4chan have died - right after PewDeePie played YanSim and one day before the first anniversary, when anons started shitting on Alex for being a shill. It didn't take long for him to appear though.

Since comparing himself to Chris doesn't help, he decides to cry that he is gonna leave, which only makes people to shit on him even more.

Some time later he tried to suck up to 4chan again, which resulted in this hilarity.

And he was samefagging probably since the first thread, while also asking his remaining viewers to cover his ass in threads.

Alex wasn't done with imageboards though and now turned his attention to 8chan instead, where he immediately began posting way more disturbing stuff.




However, a little over a year it all ended just like his history with 4chan, only with way more spectacular meltdown.

But even during his affair with 8chan Alex was already moving away from imageboards, aiming most of his effort towards his YT audience, since most of it are underage girls and can be easily manipulated into anything.

Almost immediately after the shift he used his popularity to revitalize his streaming and it went as well as the last time. To this day he DMCA's those three videos, so every re-upload is highly appreciated.

Do not worry though, according to him, he works on the game for 12 hours a day, because streaming counts too.

Alex's skin didn't become thicker either and he spent a lot of his time banning people left and right on his subreddit, despite claiming otherwise.
North Koreddit.png

At times it reached comical extents.

One of the funniest cases of this happened in 2016 - fanon-wiki mod Jackboog21, who deleted every shred of criticism towards Alex and called him his daddy and Samus his mother (no, really) got finally demoted for his unbearable simping. Month later Alex got email notification about some critical message on his profile page and was so shocked by the fact that no one covered his ass, that he jumped on a wiki with a long tirade about how rude that community was, while ironically calling it "trash", "shitty" and wishing it all sorts of stuff.
folly of their ways.png

The other great example of Alex's interaction with outside world happened the same year. A guy named Stickman created a mod, where player was able to change the height of protagonist and for some reason Alex took really drastic measures against it. After the next update any attempt at changing size of playable character would result in this message popping on the screen.

The creator was baffled by this and uploaded video on his channel, but Alex wasn't done yet - he then jumped to the comment section and acted exactly like "mean rude people" who he wanted to rid the world of.

That fabulous interaction with community was a part of the events known as Email Saga - mere three days after a video from some swedish nazi Alex began complaining about the amount of emails he was getting and he kept sperging about sperging about how he is obligated to read, and that takes away time from development for several months. When this didn't work he linked his sperging in every single blogpost about the game and instead of finding a way to fix this, he just declined any proposition and called it stupid. When this proved to futile, he moved to sperging in video form:

That calmed him down for some time, but then it began again and went on and on for more than a year, until Alex snapped so hard, that he released this video:
Later he tried to pretend that nothing happened and hid both videos from his channel. To this day he is trying to DMCA every trace of them, so every re-upload is highly appreciated.

Emails weren't Alex only problem though, since less than a year after mainstream success Yandere Simulator ends up on Twitch's shitlist, thus sparking Twitch saga, where Alex spent over a year whining, begging and outright trying to weaponize his audience and other developers to force Twitch to change the rules just to let his game and other deprived trash on the platform. In the end Twitch just told to finish the game first, before they can review it again.

That's why after some time Alex announces, that he partners with publisher called TinyBuild to finally drag his game to release. At first it went rather well, they ported game to Unity 5 and then converted his code from Javascript(no, really) to C#. however, since Alex had no idea how a competent code looks like, first crack in the facade began to appear.


And they had a very good reason to help him. Here is the list of things from July 17, 2017 that according to Alex TB promised to fix.
Reusable code in functions, functions instead variables, constants, static variables - all of this is really basic stuff, meaning that this game should've had it to begin with! And if it wasn't enough Alex didn't use version control almost three years into the development!

Suddenly, Alex stops mentioning his partnership and at some point even bans all the mentions of TB or their coder.


After situation goes out of control, he finally admits - his partnership with TinyBuild ended just around six months after it started for the reason of "creative disagreements", but on a good terms. All of this turns out to be bullshit, since from the leaks in 2020, it is obvious, that Alex partnered with them only to get his game unbanned on Twitch, blamed his slow progress on them, tried to guilt-trip them to escape refunding $31,000 he owed and also threatened them with a smear campaign. According to the leaked documents partnership was officially terminated on March 21, 2019.

That's a good opportunity to mention that since Alex can only spill spaghetti and call it a code, most of the game is made by volunteers. That's right, people who work for free, but Alex still demands pro level of quality, at some point he even ridiculed a child. Why won't he just pay them? Well, according to him, he pays only if their work is worth it.

Or when they demand to.

Or sometimes he pays them.

Or he outright states that volunteers work for free by definition, even though he didn't promise any money to begin with. Or that they aren't good enough to be paid.

Outside of money questions Alex isn't good either - he bans volunteers for trying to criticize him, makes them do a lot of unnecessary work and often forgets to credit them.


Another notable characteristic of YS development is that every time when Alex has fuck all to present, which he blames on volunteers being slow and not him being shitty teamlead, he masks it with release of some new mode, accessible through hotkeys, like transforming into Onepunchman or Ebola-chan, which he mistakenly calls easter eggs. At one point he literally added Sans mode, because "he had no time to do anything else", where he used copyrighted material against Toby Fox's wishes and was later forced to remove it. But the worst case of it was Jo-Jo easter egg - not only Alex nagged modellers for nearly two years with this shit, he then presented it like some really vital feature, even though he was berated multiple times for wasting his time on this useless crap. Alex may be the only developer with a game, that has 44 modes and a lot of smaller crap, despite being buggy and unfinished! And yeah, as you may've guessed, all of them caused bugs at some point or even cause to this day.

But when Alex doesn't add easter eggs, he adds hairstyles! I am not joking - main character has 204 hairstyles at this point, despite having outdated ugly model from Unity Store. And yes, Alex had to fix countless bugs with them too.

The hairstyle travesty can be explained by the fact, that all students were taken from Aoi Character Pack and were just slightly tweaked throughout the years, since they look like the same character with different hairstyles. The rest of the game wasn't better and in 2017 had next to no original assets, which Alex generously called "placeholders". Since then some of them were slightly tweaked just like student models and the rest were restolen replaced, which caused art-style to be as consistent as the game's FPS count. The most blatant case of stealing stuff aside of already mentioned Sans mode, happened with a grass texture, that he used against creator wishes and even tried to erase a watermark. After this he just slightly modified it and called it a day, while the original texture was still in the game's files.

He wasn't limited to stealing only for his game though and later in one of his videos without any shred of irony presented silhouettes of the "future DLC rivals" and nearly all of them turned out to be stolen from somewhere. The fallout of this caused one of volunteers who was selling merch to cut ties with Alex.

But the most bizzarre case of this happened during the Email Saga, when Alex's example of bad artwork he didn't want to see turned out to be a recolor of something drawn by a literal child two years before YS development hell even began!
Easy like recoloring childs drawign.png

Meanwhile Alex's other saga was moving forward - on Oct 1, 2016 Alex released a video, where he emphasized the significance of adding the first rival named Osana to launch Kickstarter campaign and promised to add her "before 2017". Then pushed her to January 2017 latest. Month later pushes her to February. In January pushes her to March. People become irritated, so shortly after Alex for 15 minutes uses every excuse under the sun to cover himself, but also separates his fans on two groups - chill and heated i.e. the ones who eat his bullshit and the one who ask questions. If it sounds familiar, just scroll back to the "fan"-art from his streaming days.

After blowing every deadline, in May he states that he is responsible for a lot of other things and sometimes doesn't have time to work on Osana. Then in June in a really long blogpost rages at his fans for asking about Osana, even though he emphasized her significance himself. Then in September claims that her events are ready, however, month later downplays her role again. Then does it again in Nov 2017. Then in March 2018 claims that "he could add her anytime", meaning, that she is ready, but in anniversary post the same month he has a slip "once Osana is complete".

It doesn't go very well and in June of the same year during another update people demand Osana. Alex counters it five days later with the bunch of excuses called "Where is Osana?" and it goes so well, that for the first time he disables comments under his video and in his blog. Then he tries to excuse himself with a video "games take long to make" and he is so fucking wrong, that people start suggesting to boycott his Patreon. Scared of losing money like any jew, in five days Alex sprinkles ashes on his head in another blogpost. but only partially takes the blame and tries his best to shift the focus on people, who "spread propaganda about him". I am not joking, he uses this word 10 times through the post and this time divides his fans on two groups - those who listen to propaganda and delusional simps.

His underage fans calm down, however, Alex decides that it's not enough, so on Nov 11, 2018 he doubles down in this delusional and absolutely hilarious video, where he claims that there is organized group of people bound on taking him down "just for the lolz" and calls them nazis gremlins. He deliberately tells artist to portray him as a little girl, since his fanbase is mostly little girls, and, by the way, he neither paid him nor even credited.

Funnily enough, in that video Alex claims that "those people put you into the same category" with DSP and Chris-chan
Sperg in a cage.png

...even though he himself did it multiple times!

This sends his fans into tard rage and they shit comment section of every video critical of Alex. He continues his crusade by buying r/yandere_simulator for three grand, just six months after his first attempt, and wipes it clean from anything resembling criticism. After this he adds DEBUNK page to game's website, implying that all the negative things about him are lies by default, where he tries to deflect anything by saying "it's not true". If this sounds familiar, then look again at the excuses section he had back in his streaming days.

This buys him some time and in April of 2019 he claims that he is "one-two things away from adding Osana". Next time it turns into four. In September 2019 Alex claims that Osana is "almost done", three months later she is still almost done and a month later "on it's final stage" again.

But many completions of Osana weren't the only highlight of 2019. In September of the same year user @Diesel Boogaloo wonders if there are sex dolls modeled after Alex's life-long waifu Zero Suit Samus and finds Alex's account on the forum of that topic, ironically named 'cannotgoogleme'. It's safe to say, that at this point ownership of the account and Alex's dollfucking tendencies are proven beyond any doubt.

But as 2020 came any good will Alex had left was quickly running out. Alex's toxicity, thin skin and a history of unhealthy interactions with minors doubled with a community full of pedo-apologists and outright degenerates were making his reputation worse by day. Several long videos about him were made at that point, he had a rather long list of false DMCA takedowns and the mere fact that after 6 years of development hell the result was resembling something straight from Steam Greenlight were more than enough to ridicule him. And this is exactly what happened.

Somewhere in the first days of January people begin joining Alex's Discord server just to post "r u coding son" or "consume the cum chalice" which is the reference to old cringy video where Alex drinks manmilk from a goblet.

Surprisingly, it gets so deep under his skin, that a little over two weeks after it all started Alex posts this on his Twitter account, but then quickly deletes.

Ah, so sad, if not for the fact that 12 hours later he proved that he is still full of teenage edge.

Or even fuller than he's ever been.

It spreads like wildfire on Twitter and gets called "YS Discord ban speedruns" i.e. who will be able to get banned quicker (current record is 0.3 seconds). It doesn't take very long for Alex to take drastic measures - one of his lackeys creates a bot that bans people preemptively for the mere fact of being part of the "hate" servers.

People also notice Alex's dislike to his face being posted and began making deepfakes of him singing songs, which are numbered in hundreds by this point.

Of course, Alex uses this as an opportunity to say that Osana would've been released by Feb 14, if not for those gremlins, meaning, that he was manually banning anyone there. However, month later he claims that "the only thing left is Befriend/Betray elimination" which is not "almost done" if you ask me and it stays that way even two months after the fact. Then on June 1st he promises that the next build will have her. It doesn't and the next one neither.

But the shit really hits the fan for Alex on July 4th. First things first his (yes, really) account gets hacked. This gets followed by the hacking of his rather recently bought subreddit - mods get thrown out, all banned users get unbanned and it gets flooded with chalice memes.
Next all his correspondence gets leaked, which sheds a ton of light on the real reason why he parted ways with TB. Meanwhile, Alex makes a fatal mistake of logging into his dollfucker account to change password after more than a year of absence.

But wait, there is more - same fucking day new YS-like game gets announced! It runs with over 60 FPS, doesn't look like complete shit and the worst of all, it is called Lovesick - the alternative title that Alex hasn't been able to attach to his game for years! It quickly catches people's attention and they begin rubbing all this into Alex's face, which makes him seething so hard, that he tries to guilt-trip it's creator into canceling the game.

Alex is really fucking dishonest though about the last part, since turns out that he played a big part in the cancellation of another rival game called "Watashi no Mono".

But of course he doesn't consider himself to be a bad guy, oh, no, it's all gremlins.

It was too late though, since Discord messages leaked to Twitter and caused "RIP YandereDev" to trend in US.

All of this causes Alex to spazz out so hard, that he adds another page with excuses to YS website, where he paints himself as a victim of harassment campaign and uses the same excuses he used before.

Rival game, however, ignites enough fire under his ass to push Osana to the release and officially add word "demo" to his vaporware. How "almost done" it really was you can assume from the fact, that he released 16 bugfixes during the next month and considered it "good enough" only two months after the release, despite it still being janky as shit. Ironically enough, right before that he added another page to game's website, now about his code not being garbage.

However, it took Lovesick just two months to run itself into the ground since it's creator turned out to be a fraud and a groomer himself, and Alex had no more reasons to hurry, even though release of Osana didn't shift public opinion at all. Especially after he dealt with one of his unstable mods so well, that the guy wanted to kill himself and the creator of Discord bot turned out to be a pedophile, covered up by the rest of the team.

After a rather rough year Alex decides to salvage things by crying like a bitch and then trying to reignite the interest in his debug build by announcing art contest. Naturally it didn't fix anything and turned out to be a disaster, flooded with troll submissions.

He resorts to pity-baiting and on 7th anniversary of this shitshow outright cries that he wants to do other things and getting two grand a month for fucking nothing feels like a prison to him, even though he is the only one who can be blamed for the lack of progress. However, something changes - despite calling this trash "a mix between Persona and Hitman" for years prior, now he calls it a "platform like MInecraft", even though anyone can put Unity Store assets together.

This new delusion reaches it's peak in his new video on May 11, called, I shit you not, "How does YandereDev feel about Yandere Simulator being in development for 7 years?", meaning he basically disregards anyone who sank money or free labor into this shit.

He quotes some /v/irgin, who told him to keep game fun no matter what.
Here is an archive of that thread from June of 2014 and I dare you to find anything that sounds remotely like that. He also doesn't see the irony in "quoting" the place that has been mocking him for years, so he could quote his KF thread with the same result.

He again splits his simps into two groups - those who reasonably think that he wasted 7 years on nothing and those who are happy with being bullshitted.

He also basically admits that he can't fight any accusations and tells his simps to ignore anything, even if it's 100% proven, since it's just something that can be interpreted as such.

In the end he promises to add the remaining rivals. How, you may ask? Well, he didn't outright told, but it shortly became obvious that he adds that into fucking 80's mode. Yes, he decided to finish bonus mode BEFORE the rest of the game.

And Alex planned to half-ass this for a long time. Here is his video from September 16, 2017.
(80s mode) is designed to be something that I could add in time with very few new assets

Also on Feb 14, 2021 he asked his simps about the best way to half-ass rivals.
1980's Mode: Eliminate 10 rivals without using any technology that was invented after 1989. Created without adding new animations or voice acting to the game.
So, if there is to be a 1980's Mode, or an Endless Mode, or a Custom Mode, then I would need to implement "generic" versions of the Befriend/Betray/Expel/Matchmake/Reject elimination methods. The good news is that two of those methods could become "generic" with minimal adjustment...

And just like we thought, on Oct 10, 2022 he finally released 80's mode, that basically had one rival copypasted 10 times.
Unsurprisingly, the half-assed job didn't mean less bugs, so Alex released 26 bugfix updates in the next month and a half. However, somehow bugs weren't the biggest issue with this update, because in the new trivia Academy becomes some sort of a LARP camp for rich legal teenagers instead of a regular private school. Not only it sounds stupid, it also breaks previously established plot, backstory and characters in so many places, that it becomes as broken as the code of the game itself.

Alex's response was as measured as you may expect.

Not much has changed since. Alex's Patreon earnings dropped under 2k, which upsets him a lot, game's popularity is in the trash and he spent 8th anniversary of development hell calling YS "unfinished, but fun, just like Genshin Impact". What he is gonna compare it to next year? Only time will tell.

Full timeline of events is in the attached textfile.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Personal site
Developer's blog
Bought Official Subreddit


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Buck Bumble
Apr 7, 2016
You know, this genuinely makes me sad. I was looking forward to Yandere Simulator as a sort of more advanced Hitman game, since I really like those sorts of stealth games.

But, lolcows are lolcows, and if he's still refused to accept criticism after all this time - instead turning to bitchfits and self-defense whinging - I'm almost certain that it's going to leak through in his game code.

Kinda makes me think of a weeaboo MDickie, really.


That's for employing me for eight years!
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Apr 29, 2014
But, lolcows are lolcows, and if he's still refused to accept criticism after all this time - instead turning to bitchfits and self-defense whinging - I'm almost certain that it's going to leak through in his game code.
I can't find it, but someone on /cow/ mentioned a screenshot of some YanSim code floating around that was full of else if statements. Would explain why the game runs like shit.

José Mourinho

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Feb 3, 2013
I can't find it, but someone on /cow/ mentioned a screenshot of some YanSim code floating around that was full of else if statements. Would explain why the game runs like shit.
I think I recall seeing the code in one of his vids. I'll get back here once I found it and brought a screencap of it.

Buck Bumble
Apr 7, 2016
I can't find it, but someone on /cow/ mentioned a screenshot of some YanSim code floating around that was full of else if statements. Would explain why the game runs like shit.

I would say that both literally and figuratively.

From what I've seen on youtube, the character animations looked like someone just half-assed a walk cycle in Miku Miku Dance and decided to make a game out of it instead of a Nightcore album.

I had just hoped that it would be a Mount and Blade sort of deal where the content outweighs the presentation, but alas, it was too good to be true.

Buck Bumble
Apr 7, 2016
I don't even code, and that looks like the kind of shit that made the "Manimal" glitches in Red Dead Redemption possible.

Or, at the very least, it looks like it would make the computer chug running it because it's constantly having to check for several variables every time it loads a character.

Please correct me if I'm wrong in my reasoning on that, by the way - I find this fascinating and I'd love to learn more.

José Mourinho

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Feb 3, 2013
Here's the if-else statement shit if you're interested. I know I'm not worth judging code since I'm a newbie but who and why the fuck would you code that in a single line instead of just simple blocks it's hard to read


Eva also writes insightful articles on the subject of big ol' vidya tittays.

Funnily enough one of his articles covers the Natsuiro High School game, and YandereDev made a vid about it too:

Buck Bumble
Apr 7, 2016
Be sure to send him lots of e-mails telling him how he can improve his code. :I HAVE AUTISM:

I would, but then I'd probably receive a fuckton of autoreplies that just have "Else if" endlessly repeating because he forgot to close the loop again.

Also, why does it not surprise me that the guy :autism:ing out over his best waifu-game ideas also happens to be obsessed with games about anime tits?


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Feb 3, 2013
Most people today would know him as Yanderedev, that guy making YouTube sensation Yandere Simulator, but before that, he used to go around online under the alias EvaXephon and was mostly known for pissing off /v/ by constantly spamming the link to his shitty streams. He was also a frequenter of Gaia, where he was mostly known for complaining about the fact that he couldn't get a girlfriend.

If you're wondering why, here's the reason:


He had aspirations to develop video games and tried his hand at programming a fighting game engine. His code was criticized by Mike Z, main programmer of Skullgirls, which you might recognize as both a good game and a well-programmed piece of software. EvaXephon didn't have any of it, however, and threw a bitchfit, distraught that his personal hero wouldn't give him blind praise.

His first attempt at making an actual game was to make a side-scrolling hack'n'slash-like game called Lunar Scythe starring the edgiest woman that was ever designed, on a quest to kill everyone to clean the world of its "human filth" (you can read the whole story here). He shilled this idea on /v/ for weeks, trying to impress by showing the same character drawn by different people over and over while ignoring what others were telling him, so he quickly turned into a laughing stock.

Then he came back as "Yanderedev" with an actually interesting idea, a game where you played as a yandere who kills and ruins lives to try and get close to her senpai. /v/ liked the concept and contributed to the game, giving feedback and some volunteer work, but because he's EvaXephon, he couldn't help and throw bitchfits, like his attempt to turn the whole Mike Z chat into a sob story about a big mean programmer who totally ruined his life and made him depressed. Eventually, it came to light that Yanderedev and EvaXephon were one and the same when an ex-volunteer leaked it on Reddit. He quickly turned into a laughing stock yet again when this came to light, though this hasn't stopped him from trying to defend himself on /v/.

Then he went to 8chan, but when he was laughed off there he threw some more bitchfits and left yet again (8ch's archive is down at the moment, so there's nothing to screencap right now).

Now, he's mostly half-assing his game and throwing more bitchfits, most of them about how hard it is to delete emails to the point that he eventually made a twenty minute long video about it. Some other things of note include pissing off volunteers on a regular basis and paedophilia. Despite all this, he still manages to have a large group of fans ever since YanSim blew up amongst the PewDiePie demographic and he receives 5k a month on Patreon.

His personal site
His Twitch account
His Twitter account
His Patreon account

His Linkedin account

We also have some archived 4chan posts here, which largely consist of him and his users shilling his website and shitty mogulus stream. /v/ bore the brunt of his extensive spamming but unfortunately there are no archived posts from that period that I can find right now.

Archive your links


Aug 31, 2015
I stumbled upon Yandere Simulator about a year ago and was intrigued by the idea, but some of the design choices really gave me creepy vibes - like equipping different sets of panties for bonuses, torturing underaged girl characters in your basement, etc. So I'm not surprised YandereDev turned out to have a history of creepy shit; it's just funny that he hasn't lost that sense of entitlement after all these years.

Roast Chicken

With breasts
Aug 2, 2015
I heard Yandere Dev was an asshole, but he seemed dedicated to making the game and I was genuinely looking forward to playing it. But I saw the extent of his assholishness with that 20 minute video on emails.

His insistance on not hiring a secretary sounds arrogant; he seems to think he's incapable of making the mistakes he fears someone else will make when sorting through his inbox and must micromanage every little thing - the dude's gonna give himself a breakdown.
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