Resident Evil 2 Leon Kennedy Voice Actor Paul Haddad Reportedly Passes Away

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Mar 21, 2019

he voices of characters often can shape how we see characters. Voice actors mean a lot to us as consumers of media, bringing to life the faces we come to love.

Paul Haddad was one such actor. Known for voicing Leon S. Kennedy in the original Resident Evil 2, he was iconic to a generation of horror fans.

Paul in the past had battled and bested throat cancer, however, he also had a neurological disorder he’d also been fighting for quite some time. He had a GoFundMe page set up for medical bills, hoping to one day get out from under it, but it appears his surgery had been rescheduled due to the current health crisis.


According to reports, he passed away on the afternoon of April 11th. At this time there has been no official statement from his family or any obituaries from Ontario, Canada where he resided, though many of his friends have taken to his Facebook page to mourn his loss.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t know how you can support his family aside from using the GoFundMe mentioned above.

He also appeared in Daymare: 1998 before passing away. A testament to old horror games, Daymare devs Invader Studios specifically sought him for the role. It ended up being his last.


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Feb 3, 2013
Rest in Peace and F. At least Chris can't hound Leon now.

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Feb 4, 2018
Ugh. Someone throw the others in a bunker or something with bubble wrap!